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The Great Fire

Lechlade Historical Society
Early in the morning of 10 January 1915 a fire broke out in Burford Street, developing rapidly to destroy Edmonds & Cullerne’s grocery, meat & hardware store, Misses Edmonds & Kirk’s drapery store, the offices of the auctioneer and estate agency of Mr Innocent, and getting perilously close to Burford House.

Although the Lechlade fire station was almost opposite, the town’s only horse drawn appliance was awaiting repair and, even if it had been servicable, the only fire hydrant available was too far away to be of any use. But even without their equipment Lechlade Fire Brigade worked hard to contain the fire until about 2:30 pm when the Fairford Fire Brigade arrived. However, by then, there was little left to salvage. The fire station building is still there today, sandwiched between Arch Cottage & The Limes, with the fire bell clearly visible on the roof.

Lechlade Historical Society

Lechlade Historical Society

Innocent’s premises, now Moore, Allen & Innocent has been rebuilt, and there is a modern house set back from the road in the gap created by the fire.

(March 2009)

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